23 January 2014

Vsevolod Baibak contributes to meeting of presidium of Russian supreme commercial court

On 23 January 2014, an extended meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Supreme Commercial Court was held in Moscow. The meeting participants discussed the draft of a Russian Supreme Commercial Court circular entitled ‘Review of dispute resolution practices related to the declaration of a contract as null and void’. Vsevolod Baibak, Counsel at EPAM, took part in the meeting and made comments during the discussion of the draft.

The subject of the meeting is one of the most relevant to current legal practice. The meeting was led by Chairman of the Supreme Commercial Court Anton Ivanov, and Mikhail Tserkovnikov was the main speaker. The discussion was attended by judges of the Russian Supreme Commercial Court; department and division heads and other employees of the Russian Supreme Commercial Court; heads and judges of the Moscow District Federal Arbitration Court, the 9th and 10th arbitration courts of appeal, and the arbitration courts of the City of Moscow and Moscow Region; presiding officers of the court; leading experts in contract law; and representatives of public authorities (including the Prosecutor General's Office).

Videos of the meeting are available via the following links: part 1 и part 2.