8 April 2021

Tatyana Neveeva to Speak at Conference on Challenging Transactions

On April 8, 2021, will host the conference “Transactions in 2021: Counselling, Tax Risks and Tax Disputes”. Tatyana Neveeva, EPAM Litigation Practice Counsel, will speak at the conference.

Tatyana will speak about the trends in challenging corporate transactions at the session addressing the following matters:

  • Challenging transactions in bankruptcy: key cases in 2020-2021
  • Debtor transactions with foreign parties. The specifics of challenging transaction
  • Suspicious transaction criteria in bankruptcy in 2021
  • Losing transactions entered into by top managers. What is to prove, how and to whom?
  • Trends in challenging transactions on corporate grounds
  • Transactions outside the scope of authority. Labyrinth of challenging under Article 174(2) of the Civil Code. Case study

More details on the conference