27 March 2014

Tatyana Neveeva speaks at the 6th Russia & CIS Summit on Anti-Corruption

On 25-27 March 2014, Moscow will host the 6th Russia & CIS Summit on Anti-Corruption, focused on rapidly evolving anti-corruption enforcement environment in Russia. Tatyana Neveeva, Senior Associate at EPAM, will speak at the event.

6th Russia and CIS Summit on Anti-Corruption is widely known in as the must-attend anti-corruption compliance conference of the year. Summit participants will be provided with enforcement updates as well as the most up-to-date information on how local and U.S. enforcement priorities will impact global business operations on the ground in Russia.

Tatyana Neveeva will deliver a report entitled “What Corruption Looks Like in your Day-to-Day Operations" to identify solutions to risky transactions including one-day companies, framework agreements, and other daily red flag situations.

To find out more on the event please follow the link.