3 March 2021

Online Streaming “Key Developments in the Personal Data Protection: Legislative and Judicial Trends. Guidelines From Members of Roskomnadzor Working Group”

The digitalization trend has been leading to changed approaches exercised by the regulator and courts, increasing the liability for violation of laws and providing new challenges for businesses. The year 2020 will be remembered for intense legislative efforts, precedent-setting legal proceedings and unexpected initiatives. What changes have been made to important draft laws on personal data? How should one structure their operations considering the initial localization practices? How did the pandemic affect the approaches exercised by the regulator? How can one protect themselves taking into account the gaps in regulation of personal data processing on the Internet?

Attorneys of EPAM, who are on Roskomnadzor working groups, will answer those and other trendy questions related to personal data processing. The event will be streamed online on March 3, 2021 (Wednesday) from 10:00 to 11:30.

Key topics for discussion*:

  • Review of the key draft laws: how will data handling and liability for violation of the legislative requirements change?
  • Violation of the localization rules: conclusions based on the initial case law
  • Regulator’s current approach to the concept of personal data and related case law
  • Consent to personal data processing: when and how exactly this shall be done
  • Unobvious risks faced by companies when their personal data are processed on the Internet: playing safe


  • Elena AGAEVA, Counsel 
  • Elena Kvartnikova, Associate 


Attendance is free of charge.

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Contacts: Alina Zoreva, Yulia Kozlova, +7 (812) 322 96 81,

* The program is subject to amendments.

** The event is off limits to law and consulting firms, private lawyers and attorneys. The organizers reserve the right to deny attendance.



Elena Agaeva

Elena Agaeva

St. Petersburg