23-24 May 2022

Mikhail Kazantsev Will Speak at the XIII International Ecology Forum  

On May 23-24, 2022, the XIII International Ecology Forum will take place in Moscow at the World Trade Center. Mikhail Kazantsev, Partner and Head of Natural Resources Practice at EPAM, and public representative of the business ombudsman for energy and climate legislation, will speak at the event.

The Ecology Forum is a public event that is unique in terms of its scale and immersion. The focus of the event is to effect positive change on the environmental agenda against the backdrop of big politics. The main goal of the forum is to identify contemporary trends, changes in the market, necessary changes to be made in the regulatory framework of environmental protection, form a new agenda and to make an informed prediction on the future of the environment in the face of external pressure.

The event will be held with the support and participation of State Duma deputies, and representatives of relevant ministries and departments.

Mikhail Kazantsev will speak at the session entitled "Decarbonise it: ways to reduce the carbon footprint of Russian industry"

The event will conclude with a resolution containing initiatives and recommendations from the participants aimed at improving the environment, identifying environmental problems that are significant for society, and then recommending practical solutions.

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