13 October 2012

Michael Hartleben to speak at AIJA Conference on Litigation and Arbitration Strategies in International Distribution

On 11–13 October 2012, Munich (Germany) will host a conference entitled ‘Fight for Your Right… to Distribute. Litigation and Arbitration Strategies in International Distribution’. Michael Hartleben is scheduled to speak at the conference.

The conference is being organized by the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA), the only global association for lawyers and in-house counsel staff aged 45 and under. The AIJA aims to promote professional cooperation and friendship among young and ambitious legal professionals across countries.

The conference will focus on practical litigation and arbitration issues in international distribution contracts. It will discuss contractual and procedural measures to anticipate and shape legal disputes taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of classical litigation and arbitration. This will include an examination of choice of law and forum clauses, arbitration agreements, statutes on applicable law, overriding mandatory rules, international payment orders, and provisional measures. In addition, the seminar will examine the potential risks of cross-border distribution with regard to pressing issues like antitrust class actions.

During the conference, Michael Hartleben, an Associate at EPAM, will present a report on the progress of e-justice in Russian litigation and the enforceability of international arbitral awards in the Russian Federation. He will emphasize that both litigation in Russia and international arbitration are viable options for resolving disputes linked to dealings in Russia.

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