1 December 2011

Kirill Ratnikov to attend Russia Telecoms M&A Conference

Kirill Ratnikov, Partner at Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners, will deliver a presentation titled “Combination of Russian and Foreign Law Elements in M&A Deals in Telecommunications: Recent Practice” at the All-Russia Conference on Telecoms M&A Russia 2011 organised by ComNews Conferences on December 1st in Moscow.

The goal behind Telecoms M&A Russia 2011 is to bring together potential buyers and sellers of telecom assets and industry investment bankers, consultants, auditors, analysts and journalists.

The conference covered:

  • Review of recent Russian telecoms M&A deals;
  • Analysis of available independent attractive assets, future M&A forecasts;
  • Outcomes of petitions for approval of M&A deals in Russia;
  • Search for telecom assets to be purchased and ownership practice;
  • Efficient evaluation models for real assets of target company;
  • Preparing a company for sale: stages and focus points;
  • Venture finance in Russian telecoms;
  • Experience in purchasing companies with saving founders share;
  • Legal aspects of M&A deals in telecoms.