16-18 November 2017 , St.Petersburg

Helen Avakyan Speaks at 6th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum

On 16–18 November 2017, the 6th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum was held. Helen Avakyan, Counsel at EPAM and Executive Director of the non-profit Partnership for the Advancement of Corporate Law, contributed to the business agenda.

The St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum is a discussion platform that annually brings together thousands of cultural experts from all over the globe: public figures, representatives of the art world, government authorities, and members of the business and academic communities. The aim of the event is to initiate and encourage the implementation of national, multinational and global programmes to preserve humanity’s cultural heritage. It seeks to promote the creation and efficient operation of new and viable mechanisms for exerting cultural influence on the development of modern society and for ensuring the existence of culture as a sustainable social environment.

Helen Avakyan took part in a panel discussion on ‘Russia’s Adoption of the Global Practice of Applying Blockchain Technologies to Manage Intellectual Property Rights: From Patents and Inventions to Books, Pictures, Photographs, Music and Films’.

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