15 December 2015

Denis Gavrilov to Speak at International Competition Network Webinar

On December 15, 2015 Denis Gavrilov, Counsel at EPAM’ Competition Practice will speak at a webinar “Impact of Private Enforcement on Public Anti-Cartel Enforcement”, organised by the International Competition Network’s (ICN) Cartel Working Group.

ICN Cartel Working Group will organise series of webinars that will add to the international dialogue on introducing private enforcement in a way that does not undermine public enforcement and does not create any negative international spill-overs. The focus will be on considering the need of amending national legislation and establishing international cooperation in order to safeguard the effectiveness of leniency and settlement programs, e.g. in cases where there are disclosure requirements/obligations (e.g. following Court orders) affecting investigations in different jurisdictions.

The webinars will include:

  • Objectives of public and private enforcement, balancing public and private enforcement so that the two do not negatively impact each other (e.g. special rules regarding leniency, settlement).
  • Main features of private enforcement systems – for example special discovery rules, how is access to evidence set up, possibility for individual or collective claims or both, etc.
  • Role of competition authorities in private enforcement – publication of their decisions, follow-on actions, rules on disclosure, role in the national court proceedings for damages and in which way.

 Denis Gavrilov will speak on the topic of Public and Private Enforcement Interaction in Russian Antimonopoly Regulation.

More information about ICN Cartel Working Group.