28-29 January 2020 , London
Anton Berezin will participate in 9th Annual "International Disputes and Asset Recovery involving Former Soviet Union Parties conference"

On 28-29 January 2019, C5 Group will host 9th Annual "International Disputes and Asset Recovery involving Former Soviet Union Parties" conference in London. Anton Berezin, Senior Associate at Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners International Arbitration and Litigation Practice, will speak at the event.

Anton will participate in the session "Legal Contamination: How Legal Principles Change When They Travel Abroad" and speak about "Juxtaposition of treatment of Art. 1064 between Russian and English courts".

Highlights of this year’s program:

  • Obtaining and handling evidence for use in cross-border investigations and legal proceedings with a CIS element
  • Disputes arising out of corporate & asset holding structures and beneficial ownership in the offshore context
  • The thorny issue of jurisdiction and available remedies
  • Spotlight on contentious trusts and private client disputes in the post-Pugachev era
  • Resolving director and shareholder disputes involving Former Soviet Union parties

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Anton Berezin

Anton Berezin