8 December 2021

Anna Ivanova and Elena Agaeva Will Speak at Virtual Conference Addressing New Rules of Electronic HR Document Flow

On December 8, 2021, Trudovye Spory magazine editorial team together with Action 360 will host their virtual conference “New Rules of Electronic HR Document Flow (EKDO)”. Anna Ivanova, Head of Employment Practice at EPAM, and Elena Agaeva, Counsel and head of M&A and Corporate Practice of the Firm in St. Petersburg, will attend the conference.

On November 22, 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law governing electronic HR document flow. The law is meant to optimize interactions between employers and employees.

The attendees of the virtual conference will discuss the following topics:

  • How was the electronic document flow law drafted and what was the outcome of the Ministry of Labor’s experiment
  • How shall employees interact with electronic document flow
  • What requirements have been set to the electronic document flow
  • How the new law is related to the personal data of employees

Anna Ivanova, who was engaged in drafting the law, will cover the timelines and new requirements to EKDO set by the law, which documents may be made electronic, how shall employee consent be obtained for the electronic transfer of documents, and what rights shall employees enjoy if the workflow is electronic.

Elena Agaeva will address how the new law is related to the personal data of employees.

More details on the conference.


Elena Agaeva

Elena Agaeva

St. Petersburg