14 March 2011
EPAM is the leading Legal Advisor of Mergers & Acquisitions Journal

EPAM has once again topped the rating of M&A Legal Advisors as prepared by the Expert-Analytical Group on M&A-Intelligence of the Mergers & Acquisitions Journal.

The journal’s 2010 rating of legal consultants covered large law firms, who agreed to disclose information on their business. The deals fully complied with the key selection criteria:

• In M&A deals, the control passed from one asset owner to another,
• The value of the transaction is not less than $5.0 million.

EPAM has become a leader among Russian legal consultants with the largest volume of deals and was ranked first in the 2010 M&A Legal Advisor Rating by the average amount of advised transactions with parties with controlling stakes.

EPAM has been one of the leaders of the M&A Legal Advisor Rating of the Mergers & Acquisitions Journal since its inception in 2006.