3 December 2012
EPAM Law again tops Pravo.Ru Russian law firm ratings

EPAM has been ranked as the leading law firm in all areas of legal services evaluated by experts at Pravo.Ru law firms ratings published today.

EPAM was ranked first in Top-50 Russian law firms by earnings and Top-50 law firms by the number of lawyers, highlighting the firm’s outstanding reputation among its peers in the legal services market.

Additionally, EPAM was recognized as the absolute leader rankings in arbitration proceedings, corporate law, antitrust law, commercial real estate, criminal law, international arbitration and ranked at the top in natural resources/energy, intellectual property, employment law, bankruptcy and maritime law.

Founded in 2010, Pravo.Ru information portal conducted an in-depth study of the Russian legal services market for the third time. Ernst & Young and Vedomosti, a leading business newspaper, again acted as the rating’s partners. The industry ratings were compiled based on a detailed analysis of questionnaires submitted by both Russian and foreign law firms: according to the research methodology, any firm could specify from three to five most significant projects in a particular area of law that could earn up to 10 points: financial performance, public attention, impact on application of law and lawmaking, subjective assessment by Pravo.Ru analysts. The audience choice ratings were compiled based on law firm surveys.

The study published today showed that EPAM Law is the only firm ranked in all areas of law. EPAM also received most points in industry audience choice rankings and was recognized by its peers as the absolute leader in arbitration proceedings, corporate law, antitrust law, commercial real estate, criminal law and international arbitration.

EPAM was also ranked among leading companies with the highest lawyer potential by all criteria: education, record of service and career and number of scholars on the staff, and also ranked first in the general company ratings based on all of the above criteria.

Full version of Pravo.Ru-300 rating is available at Pravo.Ru web-site