19 February 2005
Dmitry Afanasiev participates in the Anatoly Sobchak Commemoration Day

Dmitry Afanasiev, Chairman of “Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev and partners”, participated in the Day of Commemoration of Anatoly Sobchak that took place in St. Petersburg on February 19, five years after the death of the prominent jurist and politician.

The funeral service at Sobchak’s grave in the Nikolskoe cemetery at the Alexander Nevsky monastery began the Day of Commemoration. Anatoly Sobchak’s family and friends, Russian state officials and public figures, including the President’s Representative in the North-West Federal District, Ilya Klebanov, came to pay tribute to the first mayor of Saint-Petersburg.

The commemoration continued at the Law Department of the St. Petersburg State University where A. Sobchak was previously a student and professor, and where the best students now receive Anatoly Sobchak personal grants. The ceremony was attended by the President of the Anatoly Sobchak St. Petersburg Public Fund, L. Narusova, the Vice-President of the Fund, K. Sobchak, the Chairman of the Russian Supreme Arbitration Court, A. Ivanov, as well as St. Petersburg University authorities and students.

Dmitry Afanasiev concluded the ceremony by saying: “We must not forget those who are no longer with us, but we must also remember the people next to us. I want to ask everybody to applaud Ludmila Narusova for what she is doing by not allowing us to forget Anatoly Sobchak’s ideas”.