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21 April 2009

Dimitry Afanasiev comments on the Russian legal system and general issues of doing business in Russia to the BBC World Service

Dimitry Afanasiev, Chairman of Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners, comments on the Russian legal system and general issues of doing business in Russia to the BBC World Service. arrow

10 March 2009

The In-House Lawyer magazine in its Russia overview publishes comments by Dimitry Afanasiev

"The In-House Lawyer" investigates whether the Russian market will still be as attractive in 2009. The article "Scratching the surface" includes commentaries by Dimitry Afanasiev arrow

26 November 2008

Dimitry Afanasiev comments on the effect of the global financial crisis on the large law firms in Russia

Investment banks are laying employees off by the hundreds, developers are freezing projects and oil firms are lining up to receive government aid. At some companies, however, business has never been better. arrow

16 September 2008

Dimitry Afanasiev is quoted by The European Lawyer's recent overview of the Russian legal market

Less than two decades after the demise of the Soviet Union, Western politicians are increasingly viewing Russia as a threat again. But, reports ESTHER MARTIN, there is still opportunity for law firms to capitalise in the country... arrow

15 January 2008

Anton Kostenko comments theNoga case in the article by Kommersant, Russia

The Noga case, which those in Russia had thought was closed for good, has made itself known again. Yesterday, the Russian Finance Ministry acknowledged that funds in the Paris accounts of the Central Bank, RIA Novosti information agency and a number of other state companies in VTB Bank France SA and Calyon Bank, worth up to $70 million, had been frozen. Noga considers the 2006 agreement under which U.S. businessman Alex Kogan bought its debt invalid. The Finance Minister accuses Noga of misinforming the courts and Noga lawyers are ready to seek $800 million from Russia. arrow

21 May 2007

Dimitry Afanasiev commentary in the article "Law firm chambers: the model setup for the 21st century or just a gimmick?" in The Lawyer

... Dimitry Afanasiev, co-founder and managing partner of Egorov, says: "It's irresistible to be able to tell clients we can actually go to court on their behalf and to say, 'this is the person in our office who'll be up before the judge'... arrow

22 September 2006

EPA&P lawyer commentsfor the article"Arbitration Court Sets Rules for Gift-Giving to Government Officials" byKommersant, Russia

Russia's higher arbitration court is preparing to define the protocol for governmental officials and judges in receiving and declaring gifts. The maximum permitted value of gifts received in connection with one's job is being increased from 500 to 4,000 rubles, and it will be necessary to declare personal gifts of more than 100,000 rubles. Infractions of these rules can become grounds for criminal prosecution. Experts note that similar rules exist in many countries around the world but admit that the prospects for the effectiveness of their control over Russian judges and officials is uncertain... arrow

19 July 2006

EPA&P lawyer comments legal action by minority shareholders of YUKOS in "Gazeta"

Minority shareholders of YUKOS are taking legal action; On March 14, Russia received a summons to a court in the District of Columbia. Lawyers acting for American minority shareholders of YUKOS delivered the summons to the Russian Foreign Ministry via the US State Department. Russia is officially the main defendant now. arrow

10 April 2006

Dimitry Afanasiev's commentary in the article on Russia's energy sector by Stuart Leasor in City AM

Who needs nuclear weapons when you’re an energy superpower, says Stuart Leasor... arrow

5 August 2005

Ilya Nikiforov's, managing partner of Yegorov, Puginsky, Afanasiyev & Partners, comment in "The St. Petersburg Times"

Law students from 14 European countries are in St. Petersburg to take part in the annual meeting of the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) that convened Wednesday and runs through Sunday... arrow

6 April 2005

Nikita Sokolov's, lawyer of Yegorov, Puginsky, Afanasiyev & Partners, comment in "Vedomosti"

While reducing the statute of limitations for privatization deals, the Kremlin is changing the regulations for corporate conflicts. The presidential administration proposes that the term within which disputed deals can be revised should be tripled. As yet, conflict participants aren't sure if this is good or bad... arrow

3 December 2003

Dimitry Afanasiev's commentary on the Russian court system in The Moscow Times

Elections, the independence of the courts and a high-profile furniture scandal converged Monday, as a Moscow City Court judge accused the Prosecutor General's Office of pressuring the court to issue rulings in its favor. arrow

26 February 2001

Dimitry Afanasiev comments GM initiative to increase investments in The Russia Journal

US automotive giant General Motors' plan to invest up to $330 million in Russian carmaker AvtoVAZ is being hailed as a highly positive sign for the Russian business community... arrow

28 August 1998

Dimitry Afanasiev comments expert's predictions ofimminent Russian economic collapse in ThePhiladelphia Inquirer

As stock markets worldwide tumbled, economists said yesterday that an economic collapse in Russia appeared imminent and likely would hit European investors - particularly Germans - hardest... arrow

11 July 1993

Dmitry Afanasiev's story in The Ethnic NewsWatch

Dmitry Afanasiev's time in the United States has been filled with international drama and professional success. After helping resolve a kidnapping case in Russia, he has started his own firm advising Russians and Americans on how to do business with each other... arrow



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