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30 March 2010

TopLegal publishes Dmitry Afanasiev’s commentary on the law firm investment plan

Despite challenging economic and political conditions, Moscow law firms said they have not only stuck to their investment plans during the crisis but also intend to expand further in the near future. arrow

2 March 2010

The Moscow Times: Natalia Korostelyova comments on the FAS decision to sue over strategic sector violations

The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service on Monday accused several Russian and foreign companies of flouting the law for investing in strategic industries and said it would retaliate in court for the first time since the rules took effect almost two years ago. arrow

1 February 2010

Dmitry Stepanov commented for the Moscow Times on the state receiving a privileged share in Sakhalin Energy

Immediately after Gazprom bought out international companies' stakes in Sakhalin-2, the state received a privileged share in Sakhalin Energy, which paid a $1.35 billion dividend. arrow

23 January 2010

Dmitry Stepanov commented for the Moscow Times on recognition of the Supreme Arbitration Court’s right to set legal guidelines

The Constitutional Court has decided that the Supreme Arbitration Court has the right to set legal guidelines, not just follow the law — a move that lawyers say is the first step toward a precedent-based system of law. arrow

1 January 2010

Top Legal International publishes Dmitry Afanasiev’s commentary on CIS LCN

Emerging independents are looking to establish best friends networks to gain cross-border reach. arrow

1 December 2009

Legal Week features Dmitry Afanasiev’s commentary on Russian legal market

Legal Week's Independent Law Firms in Europe supplement publishes Dmitry Afanasiev’s commentary on Russian legal market. arrow

16 November 2009

Dimitry Afanasiev comments on the Bank of New York Mellon settlement for The Lawyer

With the resolution of two high-profile cases, relations between Russia and the West could finally be thawing. James Swift investigates. Is Russia subtly wooing the West? There are no flowers, chocolates or sweet nothings being whispered but in October, politically charged, multibillion-dollar litigations against Bank of New York Mellon and Telenor were settled amicably. When you consider the nature of the Russian authorities, it is practically foreplay. arrow

1 November 2009

Dimitry Afanasiev provides insight into newly formed CIS Local Counsel Network for The Legal Business

Nine leading CIS firms – including one of Slaughter and May’s Russian best friends – have joined forces to create the region’s first alliance network, Legal Business can reveal. The CIS Local Counsel Network (LCN), which formally launched in September, aims to target referrals from international law firms and also capture an increasing share of inter-CIS investment work. arrow

23 October 2009

Dimitry Afanasiev comments on $22.7 bn dispute settlement between the Russian Customs Service and the Bank of New York Mellon for the Wall Street Journal

Russia withdrew a $22.7 billion lawsuit against Bank of New York Mellon Corp. Thursday, agreeing to a $14 million settlement and ending a case that critics said had threatened to further tarnish the already battered reputation of its judicial system. arrow

1 September 2009

Dimitry Afanasiev comments on how crisis impacted Russian law firms for The European Lawyer

The legal profession and the free market are gradually evolving in post-Soviet Union Russia, but Dimitry Afanasiev calls for faster progress. The global financial crisis has so far not been as scary for Russian law firms as many had initially predicted; indeed, while there has been about a 10 per cent drop in workloads overall, some firms are riding out the storm quite well. arrow

31 August 2009

Ilya Nikiforov tells The Lawyer the best thing about his job

The Lawyer 31 August 2009 publishes the work-life quiz with Ilya Nikiforov, Managing partner of Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners. arrow

26 August 2009

Dmitry Stepanov Commented on Updated Bankruptcy Bill for Russia Today TV channel

The Ministry of Economic Development introduced another insolvency/bankruptcy bill, which is expected to bring a significant change in the company arrangements procedure for companies and for the first time in Russian legislative history to allow bankruptcy proceedings against groups of companies, including those with international structures. arrow

10 August 2009

Anton Kostenko comments for The Moscow Times President Medvedev’s order to investigate Russia's state corporations

President Dmitry Medvedev on Friday ordered Prosecutor General Yury Chaika and the head of the Kremlin’s oversight department, Konstantin Chuichenko, to open an investigation into state corporations, in a sign of growing skepticism over the institutions’ role in the economy. arrow

27 July 2009

Evgeny Raschevsky comments on new amendments to the bankruptcy law for Russia Today TV

In June 2009 amendments to the federal law on bankruptcy drafted by the Ministry for Economic Development came into effect. Evgeny Raschevsky, a partner with Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev & Partners, comments on the amendments for Russia Today TV emphasizing that their purpose is to improve procedures to restore solvency of debtors and their financial rehabilitation. arrow

15 July 2009

Grigory Chernyshov comments for The Moscow Times Russian PM's initiative to adopt a bill that would ensure criminal penalties for unfair competition

...In addition to dropping its vague language, the amended law would cover cartel collusion, which it currently does not, said Grigory Chernyshov, a partner at law firm Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners... arrow



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