Svetlana Zheludkova
Svetlana Zheludkova

24 Nevsky Av.,
St. Petersburg, 191186, Russia

Tel.: +7 (812) 322 9681
Fax: +7 (812) 322 9682

Svetlana provides a legal support to the Russian and international corporate clients in various aspects of their activities and has experience in working on private assignments.

Svetlana’s projects include:

  • Protection of entrepreneurs from criminal prosecution (white-collar crimes), management of criminal risks for business, close interaction with government agencies, including law enforcement agencies of various levels of subordination.
  • Protecting the interests of one of the largest telecom operators in the course of public prosecutor's inspections on compliance with the norms of federal legislation in the field of communications when placing communication base stations.
  • Participating as a team member in defending the interests of the largest transport operator in the North-West in a major environmental dispute. In the course of work on the project, it was possible to achieve the termination of the criminal case, as well as to prevent the onset of administrative liability for the company.
  • Analysis of contract blocks of large manufacturing companies to identify tax risks and minimize them.
  • Advising large international industrial, IT and FMCG companies from the USA, Belgium, Iceland, Greenland and interaction with all types of law enforcement agencies in order to protect the interests of international clients.
  • Successfully challenged the inaction of officials within the framework of departmental and judicial oversight.
  • Advising clients on multifaceted areas of their activities: working with primary documentation in order to minimize tax risks, carrying out work to protect intellectual property, ensuring compliance with clients' trade secrets.
  • Participation in the protection of principals in the framework of corruption-related crimes with the maximum minimization of negative consequences.
  • Advising clients in the field of minimizing the tax burden and interaction with the tax authorities of the Russian Federation.
  • Advising private clients on the maintaining reputation and ensuring the protection of the rights to communicate with the child in the framework of the divorce process.
  • Providing the legal assistance on administrative cases of various categories with the termination of proceedings on them.
  • Accompanying clients in the course of tax control measures: giving explanations, providing answers to requests from tax authorities, as well as law enforcement audits initiated as a result of tax audits.
  • Advising and supporting the client in the framework of verification activities of the legality of imports of tobacco products into the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Participating as a team member in due diligence procedures accompanying tax audits. Interaction with external auditors and support of procedures for assessing the value of companies and shares of participants.

Svetlana graduated with the Master's degree in Criminal Law from the St. Petersburg State University Law School.

She is fluent in English.