Ekaterina Slivko
Ekaterina Slivko

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Moscow, 125047, Russia

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Ekaterina Slivko specializes in resolving complex corporate and commercial disputes, as well as disputes involving real estate and environmental matters. Ekaterina has extensive experience in conflict settlement negotiations.

Ekaterina’s most recent experience includes:

  • Representing the majority shareholders of a chemical industry enterprise in a dispute against a claim of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office on the recovery of shares from unlawful possession in the context of deprivatization.
  • Representing an individual in court disputes on the recovery from him a loan amount of over RUB17bn in an attempted raider seizure of assets. The work on the project included an appeal against a court decision made in the territory of one of the Caucasian republics of the Russian Federation with violation of jurisdiction, as well as countering the attempts of opponents to take possession of property at the stage of enforcement proceedings.
  • Representing the interests of a chemical industry enterprise in the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, including disputes over the legality of privatisation, support for corporate events and advising the principal on issues related to maintaining the register of shareholders. Protecting the interests of the principal in litigation with government agencies, minority shareholders and the media in administrative cases, as well as advising the client on certain issues in criminal cases on economic crimes.
  • Representing the interests of a large foreign bank in litigation on foreclosure of pledged property, in which, in enforcement of foreign court decisions, claims were made for the return of credit funds, claims against guarantors, and security transactions were contested. Development of a common project strategy, which consisted of contesting regulations and taking part in meetings of state bodies on resolving conflicts related to the construction of large real estate in Moscow.
  • Representing the interests of companies belonging to one of the largest commercial holdings in arbitration courts in precedent-setting disputes on the termination of power supply agreements.
  • Representing the interests of a construction company in litigation with a developer related to the construction of a residential complex in the center of Moscow and the recovery of a penalty in the amount of RUB5bn.
  • Protecting the interests of a developer in a dispute over the application of the consequences of the invalidity of a real estate exchange agreement for a total amount of more than RUB3bn, which was necessary for the client in order to implement a large-scale investment project for the development of the center of Moscow.
  • Representing the interests of a large industrial company in a dispute with the government of the Nizhny Novgorod region on the recovery of funding for the restoration of objects of accumulated environmental damage.
  • Representing the interests of a gold mining company in a precedent-setting dispute with Rosprirodnadzor on the collection of fees for negative environmental impact.

Prior to joining the firm, Ekaterina was a lawyer at a leading legal boutique specialising in dispute resolution.

Ekaterina graduated from Moscow State Academy of Law in 2005. Later, she received a master’s degree in fuel and energy from the State University of Management.

Ekaterina was admitted to the Moscow Bar in 2006.