Alexander Lyamport
Alexander Lyamport

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Moscow, 125047, Russia

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Alexander Lyamport specialises in civil and corporate law, civil procedure and arbitration, bankruptcy, and real estate.

Recently, he has worked on the following projects:

  • Participated in the expert opinion preparation for the High Court of Justice in a $300 million oil supply dispute;
  • Advised a large IT company on restructuring the holding's debt in amount of RUB 20 billion and bringing management bodies to corporate and subsidiary liability;
  • Defended a chemical company’s interests in a dispute over the shares vindication in favor of the Russian Federation in the amount of about 14 billion rubles;
  • Advised a client on the application of the consequences of a void contract complicated by bankruptcy and finance lease agreements in the amount of RUB 12 billion;
  • Successfully defended a major petrochemical company’s interests in a complicated environmental dispute over contract avoidance;
  • Successfully defended a large construction company’s interests to recover a warranty retention amount;
  • Participated in the defense of a transnational IT company by challenging the administrative authorities’ actions and determining the astreint amount;
  • Protected a large development company’s interests in a dispute on a void contract for the non-residential sale and purchase agreement;
  • Protected a client's interests in the dispute to challenge non-normative acts in the environmental and land law;
  • Protected a large investment company’s interests in cases of challenging the Central Bank of the Russian Federation non-normative acts and goodwill protection;
  • Successfully defended an international transport company in cases of challenging contracts concluded by the debtor and bringing management bodies to subsidiary liability.

Alexander graduated with honours from the Law Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2021. He is currently a first year PhD student of Civil Procedure at Lomonosov Moscow State University Law Faculty.

Alexander is the author of articles on civil law and civil procedure (arbitration). Alexander has repeatedly acted as an arbitrator of student law competitions (for example, corporate arbitration competition Disputes V.P. Mozolin).