10 January 2022
EPAM Announcing Counsel Appointments at the Firm’s Moscow and Kyiv Offices

Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners is announcing promotions at the Firm’s Moscow and Kyiv offices. Since January 1, 2022, Elena Novikova, Anna Arutyunyan and Aleksandra Yevstafyeva have been promoted to Counsels.

Elena Novikova (White Collar Crime Attorney) specialises in criminal law, criminal proceedings and economic crimes, and has extensive experience of representation in arbitrazh courts. Elena has been advising the CEOs of companies operating in various industries on the matters of criminal law and representing them during investigative proceedings, and has been engaged in internal investigations. As a compliance officer, she has been auditing company operations for criminal risks and developing action plans to eliminate those risks. Elena is also experienced in the matters of environmental law, technical regulation, and has been engaged in the initiatives to improve legal and regulatory frameworks on a number of occasions. The Best Lawyers™ has recommended Elena for criminal defense.

Anna Arutyunyan (PhD in Law, Competition Attorney) has been advising and representing clients on a wide range of antitrust and regulatory matters, including unfair competition, dominance, anticompetitive agreements and concerted practices, development and assessment of distribution systems in FMCG, pharmaceutical and other industries. Anna has extensive experience in antitrust litigation and dispute resolution. She has been representing Russian and international clients before the FAS Russia and courts of all types of antitrust proceedings, including disputes arising from trade, public procurement and advertising laws. Anna has been actively engaged in consulting and representing companies operating in the digital markets. Anna has been heavily engaged in advising and representing companies operating on digital markets. She has been engaged in most of the precedent-setting cases related to antitrust regulation of digital platforms. She possesses extensive experience in obtaining clearance for complex transactions on digital markets and assessment of client business models to launch digital products and services. Anna is a member of the Competition Experts Association and has been researching and teaching as an assistant professor of Lomonosov Moscow State University Law School. The Best Lawyers™ has recommended Anna for competition/antitrust law.

Aleksandra Yevstafyeva (M&A and Corporate, Head of Employment Law at the Kyiv office) specialises in corporate and employment law, public sector property matters and privatisation. Aleksandra has over 20 years of legal experience. She has advised on a number of Ukrainian and international M&As in various industries, and has been advising domestic and foreign investors on corporate relations. Aleksandra has also been providing comprehensive legal support in structuring of employment relations, specifically with top managers, development of employee incentive mechanism, personnel procedures and documents, occupational safety, compliance with anti-corruption requirements, settlement of employment disputes, collective bargaining and other trade union relations, obtainment of foreign work permits in Ukraine, as well as immigration matters. The Best Lawyers™ has recommended Aleksandra for employment law, including employee benefits and allowances, as well as corporate governance and compliance.