7 August 2018 , Kyiv
Yuri Neklyaev to speak at the UBA Committee meeting “Inheritance in Ukraine: problems and ways of their solution”

On 7 August, 2018, the meeting of the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) Committee on Civil Law “Inheritance in Ukraine: problems and ways of their solution”, will be held in Kyiv. Yuri Neklyaev, Associate of Domestic Litigation Practice at EPAP Ukraine, will speak at the event.

Among discussion topics:

  • inheritance agreement, implementation and peculiarities;
  • compulsory share of inheritance and exclusion from inheritance;
  • peculiarities of corporate rights inheritance;
  • changes to inheritance line;
  • peculiarities of inheritance of property located on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine;
  • inheritance of share in the right of common joint ownership.

More detailed information can be found on the UBA official website.