14 September 2015
Dimitry Afanasiev was awarded the title Honorary Lawyer of the Russian Federation

On September 8, 2015, the Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a Decree “On Distribution of the Russian State Awards”, thereby awarding legal community representatives.

Dimitry Afanasiev was awarded the title "Honorary Lawyer of the Russian Federation" for his services in the formation of best practice in the field of antitrust enforcement and active participation in standard-setting activities in the field of competition.

The title "Honorary Lawyer of the Russian Federation" is granted to expert lawyers for their service to the state, as well as their role in improving Russian legislation and creation of equal legal conditions for comprehensive personal and corporate development.

Dimitry boasts a number of awards from the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers: the Fidelity to a Lawyer Debt Order in 2004 and the II Degree Medal for Distinguished Service in Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms in 2015. He received commendations from the President of the Russian Federation for Achievements in Defending Human Rights and Interests in 2005, and for an Active Role in Protecting the Interests of the Russian Federation in 2011.

He is a member of the Competition Support Association, of Business Russia’s General Council, of the Russian Council for International Affairs and the Expert Council under the Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs' Rights, and he chairs the Non-Profit Partnership for Advancement of Corporate Law.

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Dimitry Afanasiev

Dimitry Afanasiev

Limassol, London, Moscow